Today in Nur Sultan the forum “BIG DATA in Kazakhstan: New Horizons” was organized by the Russian company “IСS Holding” in partnership with Kazakhtelecom.

During the event, Zerde Holding JSC represented by Chairman of the Management Board Yerlan Durmagambetov and IСS Holding represented by Vice President Emin Antonyan signed a memorandum of cooperation in the field of Big Data, cryptography and security of the ICT industry in Kazakhstan.The following memorandum ICS Holding signed with Kazakhtelecom JSC.

According to the signed documents, the parties intend to establish strategic relations and join efforts in updating and developing standards in the field of information security and cryptography, to work together on training, expanding competencies and research cooperation. It is expected that the joint activity will contribute to the digital transformation of the state and banking sectors, large enterprises, increase the level of public safety and support the development of IT talents in the country.

At the conference, Yerlan Durmagambetov spoke about the current state of the IT market in Kazakhstan, IT champions among companies and the opportunities of Astana Hub. In addition, participants discussed the possibilities of localizing products of international manufacturers and the use of new technologies in the work of large businesses.