Today, on the March 15th, 2018, the Central communications Service held a briefing on the results of the activity of "National information and communication holding "Zerde"JSC for 2017 and the planning work for 2018.

The event was attended by the Chairman of Holding "Zerde" Ruslan Yensebayev and the deputies of the Chairman of the Board Zhanat Zhakhmetova, Pavel Koktyshev and Alexey Anisimov.

Ruslan Yensebayev told about the results achieved in 2017 in the main areas of activity, as well as the development of the IT industry in Kazakhstan as a whole in his report.

One of the activities of Holding "Zerde" is the support and development of the infocommunication technologies sector. In order to support domestic companies, meetings are regularly held with the participation of state bodies, representatives of Holding "Zerde", Atameken and IT companies.

At the same time, in 2017, the Holding developed and approved 150 ICT standards. An examination of 338 national, interstate and international draft standards was carried out.

Priority place in the activities of Holding "Zerde" is occupied by the management of the projects of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan", which was adopted in December 2017.

Currently, preparations have been made for the successful implementation of the program. Thus, the Commission under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of introduction of digitalization has been formed. Offices of digitalization have been created in 16 central state bodies, as well as in the Prosecutor General's Office and 16 local executive bodies. For the employees of these offices the necessary training activities are conducted.

As Ruslan Yensebayev noted, in 2018, the International Technopark "Astana Hub" will be launched on the basis of the EXPO pavilion. Within the framework of "Astana Hub" in 2018 will pass the program of acceleration of 33 projects.

In the direction of the "Human Capital Development" program, it is planned to train the population of digital literacy with the participation of the IOE, NJSC "SC" Government for Citizens ", JSC" NIT ", JSC Kazpost, National Chamber of Entrepreneurs Atameken and telecom operators. Moreover, projects on digitalization of secondary, professional, higher and postgraduate education will be implemented.

Work has begun on the implementation of specific projects in the direction "Digitalization of the economy".

"Already today, large enterprises of the mining and metallurgical industry have formed plans and started to introduce the technologies of Industry 4.0 in their industries. Examples of these technologies are the launch of projects such as "Digital Mine", "Smart Quarry and Clever Concentrating Plant", - said the Chairman of Holding "Zerde".

The introduction of elements of an intelligent transportation system will be continued in the transport and logistics industry. In total will be launched in 11 weighing systems in 2018 year. Also this year three directions - Almaty-Kapshagay, Astana-Temirtau, Almaty-Khorgos - charging systems will be introduced with the use of mobile payments and SMS-payment.

The agro-industrial complex will be introduced in a number of farms of the country technologies of "exact agriculture". However, in 2018 6 "digital farms" (milk, meat and plant growing) will start functioning.

In addition, in the second quarter, it is planned to put into operation "An Electronic Grain Receipt System" using "blockchain" technology.

"Holding "Zerde" has done a lot of work to determine the most effective methodologies for managing the projects of the state program. We permanently train government officials in these methods, as well as supervise and coordinate the implementation of projects. I think that our joint effort with state bodies, educational institutions, domestic IT companies, business representatives and, in general, with the population will give a qualitative result in the process of digital transformation of our state, «- summed up Ruslan Yensebayev.

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