Today, on the May 18, 2018,in Astana, the progress of implementation and achievement of the target indicators of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan" was discussed within the framework of the Astana Economic Forum (AEF), the second meeting of the International Expert Council (IEC) on digitalization issues was held.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Sagintayev, Deputy Prime Minister A.Zhumagaliyev, permanent members of IEC, members of the Government of RoK, international experts, representatives of state bodies and subordinate organizations, heads and representatives of national holdings, companies and non-governmental organizations took part in the event.

The meeting was held in the format of a round table. Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan B.Sagintayev welcomed the opening of the event to all participants and foreign experts. Further, reports were made by the members of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international experts.

At the meeting, British Government Technology Adviser Liam Maxwell spoke about new models of financing and cost allocation for digital government initiatives. Vice-president of IDC in Russia and the CIS Robert Farish in his speech touched the issues of regulating and using blockchains. Bruno Lanvin, Executive Director at INSEAD spoke with the topic "Talent for Innovation", co-founder and first director of e-Governance Academy e-Governance Ivar Tallo spoke about the development of electronic services in Kazakhstan. 12 international experts expressed their opinion on the implementation of the program "Digital Kazakhstan" and also touched the themes of world experience within the scope of their activities.

The experts gave an assessment on the implementation of the initiatives of digital transformation of Kazakhstan and gave the recommendations taking into account the best world practices.

Recall that IEC was established on February 2, 2018 in order to implement and achieve the target indicators of the state program "Digital Kazakhstan".

The aim of IEC is to support the implementation of the digitalization process of the Republic of Kazakhstan by an international expert assessment and recommendations.

The IEC includes recognized world experts in the field of digital technologies, who have extensive experience in implementing similar government programs. Experts represent the governmental structures of Great Britain, Estonia and such organizations as EEF, World Bank, Gartner, IDC and INSEAD.

IEC meetings are planned to be held 4 times a year, on a quarterly basis. Within the framework of the Forum "Digital agenda in the era of globalization" the first meeting of IEC was held in Almaty on February 2, when the topics of the best practices of creating similar councils, identification of priorities and possible obstacles in the implementation of digital transformation programs were discussed.

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