The risk management system in Zerde National Infocommunication Holding JSC is aimed at achieving the balance between the maximum use of opportunities in order to obtain benefits and prevent losses. The main objectives of the risk management system are the following:
• ensuring a continuous, coordinated risk management process based on timely identification, evaluation, analysis, monitoring in order to ensure the achievement of the set goals and objectives;
• creating a full-fledged base for decision-making and planning; improvement of the management system, which allows to prevent and minimize potentially negative consequences;
• increasing the efficiency of resource use and allocation;
• ensuring a balanced ratio of profitability and risk;
• preventing losses by increasing the efficiency of operations, ensuring the protection of the assets and share capital of the Holding and its subsidiaries;
• ensuring the effectiveness of business processes, the reliability of internal and external reporting and the promotion of compliance with legal norms.
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