Quality Policy of Zerde National Infocommunication Holding Joint Stock Company


  Zerde National Infocommunication Holding Joint Stock Company (further the Holding) considers quality of provided services as a ground of sustainable development and effective tool of implementation of the Holding’s strategic goals.

          These goals are achieved as a result of:

1) organizing quality planning considering customers’ requirements stipulated in agreements and contracts;

2)   ensuring feedback from customers in order to collect information about satisfaction of their needs;

3) participating of all Holding’s personnel in ensuring effectiveness of business processes based on the responsibility of each employee for quality of the work performed;

4) applying risk-based thinking and approach to achieve effectiveness of the quality management system;

5) continuous improvement of the Holding's activities through continuous development of key competencies of employees, systematization of activities and optimization of processes;

6) systematic monitoring of data related to perceptions of the degree of satisfaction and expectations of stakeholders;

7) creating an atmosphere of interest and loyalty of Holding’s employees, development of corporate culture;

8) improving management and production processes through the use of best practices and introduction of automated management methods.

Management of the Holding undertakes to fulfill the following: 

1) introduce each employee and corresponding interested parties with Quality Policy and its implementation;  

2) timely and completely provide with all resources for all processes of functioning and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

3) create a favorable socio-psychological climate in the team allowing full use of the personnel potential.



Code of corporate ethics

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