Requirements for individuals:

  • An individual must be a graduate or student of higher educational institutions with a degree in Economics or International Relations (the preferred higher educational institution is Nazarbayev University)
  • An individual must have high mathematical, statistical and analytical skills
  • The individual must also have experience or proof of education in information technology.
  • An individual must be fluent in English – reading and analyzing materials, preparation of reports, translation of materials, fluent communication skills in English
  • An individual must have the skill to work effectively with Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) for the effective preparation of materials and reports
  • Work experience or internship in government or quasi-government organizations
  • An individual must not to be registered as an individual entrepreneur

Specialist’s duties:

  • Study of statistical data of international ICT rankings and the preparation of analytical materials
  • Explore the latest ICT trends in bridging the digital divide
  • Studying the methodology of international ICT rankings, their dynamics of change over the past 10 years and the preparation of analytical information
  • Studying the dynamics of changes in Kazakhstan in international ICT ratings over the past 10 years with the development of recommendations for improving the position of Kazakhstan based on world trends
  • Develop a methodology for predicting the growth or decline of Kazakhstan's positions in ICT ratings
  • Studying the best country cases in international ICT rankings and the preparation of analytical information
  • Regular monitoring of global trends and the implementation of digital solutions in the field of ICT and the provision of public services
  • Updating content on the Zerde Digital portal and making recommendations to improve the work of this service
  • Studying the dynamics of the development of SDGs in Kazakhstan, its relationship with the concept of "Digital transformation", and developing recommendations for achieving sustainable development goals related to the ICT sector

Period of providing services – not later than December 31, 2021.

Interested parties are required to contact with us by phone number: 576096 and provide your CV by e-mail: