Selection of individuals providing services for modernization of E-Government’s Architectural Portal of Zerde Holding JSC is in progress. 

Requirements for individuals:

Individual must have a higher engineering education in the field of Information and Communication Technologies with a degree in Computer Technology and Software or Information Systems;

  • Work experience in the field of Information and Communication Technologies, namely in development of Information Systems at least 3 (three) years;
  • Knowledge of Java 8, Java EE, Spring, experience with JBoss/Wildfly application server and knowledge of JS/HTML/CSS/XML/XSL
  • To be clued up about someone else's code
  • Experience with Git, Maven.
  • Desirable criteria: knowledge of MongoDB and AngularJS databases; knowledge of basic design patterns, knowledge of algorithms and data structures, Apache Web Server.
  • Oracle Certified Professional Certificate is desirable.
  • Supplier must not be registered as an individual entrepreneur.

Specialist’s duties:

  • Creation of a storage for placing business and technical requirements’ analysis results (completed analyst questionnaire, interview questionnaire);
  • Site performance monitoring;
  • Development of feature sets to insert targeted data to codes of E-Government’s Architectural Portal;
  • Development of feature sets for Mass media Expertise on E-Government’s Architectural Portal

(application filing automation);

  • Development of calculator in order to estimate the cost of services for development, maintenance and upgrading architecture of state bodies;
  • Development of displaying of data filing percentage in information accounting section;
  • Optimization of application and servers performance in the cluster;

Period of providing services - not later than December 12, 2021.

Interested parties are required to contact with us by mobile and phone numbers: +77001001229, 575406 and provide your CV by e-mail: