Zerde National Infocommunication Holding is the largest Kazakhstani state company, created for the development of modern infocommunication technologies. Holding was established in July 2008 in accordance with Governmental resolution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Zerde Holding was created for the furthering development of infocommunication technology market and implementation of disruptive projects, formation of united infocommunication environment.

Holding's mission is the promotion of information society and ICT field's competitive formation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Holding's view: Zerde Holding JSC will be a development institute with the necessary set of tools for ICT sphere development. Zerde Holding JSC will become a leading developer of "e-government".

The purposes of Holding creation are:

  1. creation of favourable conditions to enhance competitiveness and economic efficiency of infocommunication field;
  2. development of infocommunication resources and standards;
  3. promotion of investment and innovative activity in the infocommunication sphere.

The main subject of Company's operations is an effective management of subsidiaries in aids of the creation of favourable conditions to enhance competitiveness and economic efficiency of infocommunication field, to develop infocommunication resources and standards, to promote investment and innovative activity in the infocommunication sphere.              

Strategic activity directions:


  • Provision of the institutional development of information and communication technology sphere;
  • Assistance in the state management optimization system on the basis of further "e-government" development;
  • Developing Human Capital in ICT sphere;
  • Improvement of corporate governance in Holding's corporate group.


Enhancement of the corporate group's consolidated profit and "e-government" development became one of the main Holding's operations results and it has also provided a break readiness in UNO rating to the "e-government", ICT-education development, participation in the formation of regulatory documentation base on standartization in ICT sphere.

Zerde Holding JSC was given a status of the Basic organization of CIS states-parties, the main tasks and directions of which will be assistance in the development of multiway collaboration among CIS states-parties in ICT sphere, forecasting of possible trends of their development and correlation with worldwide trends.

Zerde National Infocommunication Holding JSC is exercising functions on the realization of State program "Informational Kazakhstan - 2020" monitoring according to the Order of Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated by 28 May 2015 № 649.

Technical Committee №34 "Information technology" is also functioning on the basis of Zerde National Infocommunication Holding JSC, created by the Order of Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee of the Ministry for industry and new technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated by 27 July 2001 №274.

The main purpose of TC 34 establishment on the Holding basis is the creation of an united policy on technical regulation system development in IT sphere, elaboration and their implementation. TC 34 tasks include elaboration, agreement and measures implementation, conducted in the field of technical regulation in IT sphere. TC 34 subjects of activity are: production, services, processes in IT sphere, including general aspects of information technology equipment and software program, having a perspective of repeat playback and their use. 

The value system lies in the foundation of Holding's philosophy that reflects its strengthens and defines priority directions of corporate development.

Innovations. Innovations are essence of our work. This is our distinctive feature - we are open to nonstandard solutions and oriented towards new ideas implementation. We are ready for justified risk where it may be necessary for our Holding's further prosperity.

Reliability. Reliability in all that we do - our priority goal. We are constantly aspiring to the achievement of high quality and reliability level in providing goods and services by means of high level organization and devotion in day-to-day operations.

Unity. We are people on the same page with common purposes. Each employee is an irreplaceable part of our team and brings a significant influence to Holding's activity. Holding's success may be possible only upon the condition of harmonious work, constructive dialog, mutual support and knowledge and experience exchange.

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