In accordance with the decision of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 11 April 2016, No. 207, Zerde NIH JSC is defined as the "e-government" service integrator and manages projects for the creation and development of "e-government" informatization objects. 

Aim of the service 

Holding provides a service for professional project management in the IT industry at all stages of the IT lifecycle, from initiation to completion. 

Management of projects (programmes) for the creation and development of "e-Government" objects in state and non-state sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out on an outsourcing basis by professional project (programmes) managers.

Purpose of the service is to enhance the efficiency of the organization's projects through the professionalism of the project manager and project team and the ability to attract those rapidly. 

The main principles of the Zerde NIH JSC in the management of IT projects are the application of best international practices and provision of high-quality services to their clients. 

Our capabilities 

Initiation stage services: 

 - preparation of an order to launch a project - managing the process of surveying the business processes to be automated, 

 - Drafting the project charter, 

 - preparation of draft agreements and technical specifications for the provision of project management services. 

Planning stage services: 

 - preparation of an order to create project team, 

 - developing project plan, project hierarchical structure, project schedule, role and responsibilities matrix,

 - preparation of management plans for project risks, quality, communications, resources, content, and supply. 

Execution stage services: 

 - organization and coordination of the project works, 

 - managing the interaction of project participants, 

 - organization and conduction of workshops on the project, 

 - risks identification, 

 - describing the project risk preventing actions 

 - taking corrective actions on the project risks 

 - controlling and monitoring the timely performance of work in accordance with the project plan, 

 - analyzing the ongoing project implementation 

 - preparation of interim reports, presentations on works monitoring. 

Conclusion stage services: 

 - preparation of project documents for the delivery of the project to pilot, industrial exploitation, 

 - organization and recording of acceptance tests and commissioning, 

 - preparation of acts for goods/services transmittal to the customer,

 - preparation and presentation of the final report of the project execution 

 - archiving of design documents. 


Professionalism of the Holding project managers and project team will optimize the cost of temporal, financial and human resources in achieving the goals and objectives of IT projects' execution. 

As a result, customer shall receive the professional IT project management of any complexity that is designed to achieve the ultimate goal in full and on time.

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