Who are we?

National Infocommunication Holding Zerde JSC is the largest Kazakh state-owned company, the National Institute for ICT Development, established to develop modern infocommunication technologies and the economic efficiency of the-industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our team consists of certified IT professionals, analysts, architects, methodologists, project managers, specialists in implementing public-private partnership, and others experts.

What are we doing?

Currently, Zerde provides a wide range of ICT services for the public and commercial sectors in order to:

·        make recommendations on how to develop ICT sector,

·        develop methodologies,

·        implement the service model of computerisation,

·        establish and provide methodological support for the development of the e-Government architecture, 

·        provide consulting and advisory services on the development of ICT industry,

·        and draw up measures as to introducing digital technology into the various sectors of the economy and transition to digital economy.

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