The main objectives of the SCC establishment are to raise the level of awareness of the beneficiaries about the operation of civil defense, the procedure and process of providing state services; interaction with central SB, local executive bodies of oblasts, cities of republican significance, the capital city, districts, cities of regional importance, akims of districts in the city, cities of regional importance, settlements, villages, rural districts, and providers of information on state service information; providing recipients with a single point of telephone access for obtaining information on the state services; providing constant feedback to the population and business in the provision of public services for assessing the final results of providing state services; improving the quality and accessibility of providing information about state services for which the standards and regulations for their provision have been approved; reducing the time and financial costs of citizens and organizations to receive government services by raising awareness and speeding up the process of preparing the necessary documents, recording at the reception; the organization of a convenient telephone and Internet-based treatment in the SB on the principle of "one-stop shop", which allows the service recipient not to search for the necessary office, its requisites, the conditions for providing services; reception and registration of complaints from the public and business with their subsequent processing and analysis.