The main objects of Information Security protection in the Holding are:

• Information resources of the Holding, which constitute confidential information, other sensitive to unintentional and unauthorized influences and violation of their security, information resources (databases, files, system documentation, user manuals, training materials, policies and procedures of the Holding, etc.) including public information in electronic form;

• The information infrastructure of the Holding, including information processing and analysis systems, technical and software tools for its processing, transmission and display, including information exchange and telecommunications channels, information carriers, information security systems and facilities, facilities and premises in which IT element resources are located.

The main purpose of the Information Security System is to protect the corporate information systems of the Holding from possible material, physical, moral or other damage by means of accidental or deliberate influence on information, its carriers, processing and transmission processes, and minimizing the level of risks.

The main tasks of the Information Security System are:

• forecasting and timely detection of security threats to the Holding's information resources, reasons and conditions that contribute to financial, material and moral damage, violation of its normal functioning and development;

• creating conditions for the Holding's operation with the least probability of an attack to the security of information resources and causing damage;

• creating a mechanism and conditions for prompt response to threats to information security and negative trends in the Holding's operations, based on regulatory, legal, organizational and technical measures and security measures;

• creating conditions for the largest possible compensation and localization of damage caused by unlawful actions of individuals and legal entities.

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