Computing resources

Over the 2013 to 2015 period within as part of the project "Creation of server internet platform for the provision of hosting services to the state bodies of RK". There are 14 data centers that have been placed in operation in RK regions. The project is being implemented by "National Information Technologies" JSC as a part of the state program "Informational Kazakhstan - 2020". These DPC are designed to Hosting, Colocation, Software as service delivery and system and technique maintenance of hardware-software complex. DPC services are mainly state sector oriented.  The transition of state bodies' server equipment to the DPC will allow not only reducing of costs on building, equipage and further modernization of server rooms, but improving of information system quality work as well.

Telecommunication networks

One of the "Informational Kazakhstan - 2020" program's key roles goes to the provision of regional coverage with the united transport environment of the state bodies. “NC “KAZSATNET” JSC is defined as a provider of UTE SB. The project "Development of United transport environment of the state bodies of RK" is worked out and partially implemented, and introduces the complex of technique activities: 

- development of urban networks in the regional centers,  Astana, Almaty;

The main project task is the building of supportive urban networks and organization of the "last mile", designed to provision of different types of services to the SB of RK. Over the 2012 to 2014 period, a linear section of fiber-optic link installation has been completed in 13 regional centers of RK. The works on fiber-optic link installation are planned in 5 large cities for 2015. Currently, the works on all objects are carried out within stipulated date and planned volumes.

- organization of access networks to STM on the basis of wireless devices for regional centers;

The wireless network is for exchange of information through TCP/IP protocol stacks between SB organizations located in regional center of RoK. The emersion of wireless networks of new generation worked on WiMAX technologies allows deciding set tasks.  The project plans to deliver and install a set of equipment consisting of 182 base stations for each region center of RoK in 2015. Today, mounting and installation works are taking place.

- development of SB STM satellite segment;

The central earth satellite station located in Astana is concentrated satellite traffic, controls operational modes and serves as main linking point with landline networks. In the framework of SB STM satellite segment expansion during 2012 and 2013 the SkyEdgeII Pro earth satellite stations were also installed in all region centers of RoK.

- development of information security system of SB STM network.

The information security system of SB STM is implemented through application of approved policies and information systems information security, organizational and technical measures, including the use of digital signature, means of cryptographic security of information (hereinafter - MCSI) on SB STM communication channels. Besides, technical solutions ensuring the separation and isolation of information flows of different departments and subdivisions, inter-network screens to regulate and control the access in/from SB STM, systems of intrusion detection and prevention were used to save the connections in SB STM.

In the framework of duties fulfillment on signed agreement of the Committee of Communications, Informatization and Information, the works on installation and connection of MCSI devices in 31 SB departments were performed.

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