The expanding role of information technology in the public sector is the foundation for the transition to a digital state. The introduction of digitalization technologies of the economy, allowing the state, business and society to interact effectively, is becoming an increasingly large-scale and dynamic process.

 Below are some of the GovTech solutions. If you have questions and / or to get the information on other projects, you can contact us by phone +7 7172 95 47 44 by e-mail, as well as using the feedback form.

FavorIT ERP System FavorIT ERP System
FavorIT is a complex system (ERP-class). It allows you to automate all areas of accounting within a single information space with a common system of classifiers and reference information that does not require additional synchronization. All this allows you to maintain all accounting processes in acc...

Documentolog EDM System Documentolog EDM System

Electronic document management system Documentolog

Documentolog electronic document management system is one of the most flexible, easy-to-use and affordable content management platforms on the market today.

Documentolog EDMS automates the entire lifecycle of docum...

VISTA secure information exchange system VISTA secure information exchange system

SIO Vista is implemented on the basis of modern information security solutions with transparent integration with the public key infrastructure and provides for the use of an electronic digital signature.

Protection is provided by reliable encryption tools, made in accordance wit...

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