In order to discuss the issues of further development of information-communication industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan and creation of proper recommendations on the basis of the Holding it was established the Expert council on information-communication technologies.

The Expert council operates in accordance with the order of Chairman of the board of the holding from July 27, 2016, № Б/23 «On Expert council of information-communication technologies».

The main functions of the expert council are:

- development of the recommendations and proposals on the main directions of ICT industry development with accounting of the best world practices;
- development of recommendations on improvement of the legal base of ICT industry;
- development of recommendations on the projects of ICT industry;
- development of recommendations on mechanism and models of implementation ICT industry projects;
- sending forward of created recommendations to authority bodies in the field of information for development of ICT industry.

The members of the Expert council on ICT are the representatives of:

- Service integrator (JSC NIH Zerde);
- Operator (JSC NIT, JSC Kazsatnet);
- PSE "State technical service" (STS);
- Telecom operators (JSC Transtelekom, JSC Kazakhtelekom, Kcell);
- Association of IT companies;
- Union of the project managers of Kazakhstan as well as Kazakh and foreign companies.
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