Development Strategy of Zerde National Infocommunication Holding JSC for 2011-2020 approved by Decree № 1061 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 12, 2010
Zerde National Infocommunication Holding JSC (hereafter - Holding) was established in accordance with Decree № 668 of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated July 3, 2008 on "Establishment of such joint stock companies as Arna Media National Information Holding, Parasat National Academic and Technological Holding, and Zerde National Infocommunication Holding".

Communication, Information and Informatization Committee under the Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a public body that exercises the right of Holding government stake's use and enjoyment.
Holding's cofounder is the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan represented by the Committee of State Property and Privatization under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main subject of Holding's activities is efficient management of legal entities stocks of which has been transferred as payment for Holding's placed shares (hereafter - SA, a group of companies). The purposes of Holding establishment are:

  1. creation of favourable conditions to increase competitiveness and economic efficiency of infocommunication;
  2. development of infocommunication resources and standards;
  3. promotion of investment and innovations in infocommunication. 

The group of Holding's companies includes the following legal entities:

  1. National Information Technologies JSC;
  2. Kazsatnet National Company JSC;
  3. Kazteleradio JSC;
  4. Fund of infocommunication technologies (IT) Corporate Fund.

The strategy is based on the prospective lines of development, Kazakhstan - 2050 Strategy: new political course of developed government, Information Kazakhstan - 2020 National program and strategic plan of authorized body on informatization and communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mission and Vision of Holding
Holding's Mission is to encourage information society and ICT competitiveness of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Holding's view: Zerde Holding JSC will be a development institute with the necessary set of tools for the development of ICT sphere.

Strategic direction: Provision of the institutional development of information and communication technology sphere;
Aim: creation of basic institutions of ICT sphere development.

  1. participation in improvement of legal framework and formation of the basis of regulatory documents on standartization in the ICT sphere;
  2. enhancement of investment, innovative and academic research activities;
  3. analysis and monitoring of ICT sphere in order to develop Kazakhstani content;
  4. promotion of sectoral ICT products and services including electronic services.

Strategic direction: -Assistance in the state management optimization system on the basis of further "e-government" development;
Aim: Provision of the position of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the number of first 25 countries on the "e-government' development index by 2020.

  1. provision of electronic public services for population and legal entities;
  2. provision of "mobile government" development;
  3. introduction of service model of informatization of public bodies using public "cloud" platform (G-cloud);
  4. development of single transport space of public bodies (hereinafter - PB STS), etc.

Strategic direction: Developing Human Capital in ICT sphere;
Aim: readiness of population and enterprises for the transition to information society.

  1. assistance in increase of the level of computer literacy of population;
  2. assistance in training and raising the qualification level of professionals in ICT sphere in higher and secondary technical education.

Strategic direction: Improvement of corporate governance in Holding's corporate group.
Aim: enhancing the performance of the activity of Holding's corporate group

  1. improvement of business model of Holding's corporate group. 
  2. development of the Human capital management system;
  3. improving the image of Holding's corporate group
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