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Digital Kazakhstan

Informational Kazakhstan 2020 "Digital Kazakhstan" state program In today's world, digital technology plays an increasingly important role in the development of countries economy. Even today, more than 40% of the world population has access to the Internet, and almost every 7 out of 10 households has a mobile phone.

Service model of informatization

The key principle of the Service model is a shift from “capital costs and conduct of ICT by the state” to the “use by the state” (lease) where THE STATE OBTAINS THE RESULT FIRST AND THEN PAYS. ICT sector will increase its own capitalization through attraction of private investments using public-private partnership model.

TC 34

TC 34 is an ongoing consultative and advisory body, providing the development, agreement and preparation to the submission of regulatory documents on standardization in the sphere of information technology at the state and international (regional) levels. TC 34 is not responsible for the obligations of its members.

ICT Expert advice

In order to discuss further development of information communication industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan and creation of the proper recommendations on the basis of the holding was built up the Expert Council on information communication technologies.


Presidents of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan had a look at eGov

On September 16  in Tashkent, in the course of Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan... [More]

А meeting with the Korean Party

Today, on September 14, 2017 the Deputy Chairman of the Board of “Zerde”...


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Встреча с представителями Республики Корея
А meeting with the Korean Party
Assel Zhiyenbayeva addressing President Nursultan Nazarbayev at Youth Forum 2016
Assel Zhiyenbayeva addressing President Nursultan Nazarbayev at Youth Forum 2016

Digital Kazakhstan -
The program is aimed at improving
competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s economy and
quality of population life through
progressive development of the digital ecosystem.

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