The final Digitalization Day of the local executive bodies was held on September 14. This time the participating regions met in Almaty. The meeting was devoted to the discussion of Smart City projects within the framework of the Digital Kazakhstan state program. The main directions of the Smart city in the current year were education, healthcare, transport, housing and communal services, and security.

The projects were presented by Akimats of Almaty and Almaty Region, the Akimat of Astana and the Ministry for Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan joined the discussion. The event was also attended by representatives of business and IT companies of Kazakhstan.
The event was opened by E.K. Esmambetov, act. Chairman of the Board of Zerde Holding JSC. He asked speakers to talk about the problems of the regions for further discussion with IT companies.

Deputy Akim of Almaty Zhunusova A. A. continued, adding that Almaty accounts for 65% of the added value of IT products in Kazakhstan, and that the city is one of the first in the country entered the international rating of IDC smart cities.

For each direction, implemented within the framework of the Smart Almaty concept, the heads of departments made speeches. They told about the implemented applications and services, for example, in the sphere of public health services; the residents of the city had the opportunity to call a doctor at home, and an electronic diary is functioning in schools. Service users commented on the work for several of them. In addition, the listeners asked questions to the speakers about the work of city services: they discussed innovations in parking lots, the work of the 102 service, safety on the roads and others.

E.K. Esmambetov noted: “Conducting the fifth digitalization day,  we ask you to openly discuss the current state of services. This is a very urgent issue. Without discussion and open dialogue, we will not be able to achieve what we really want. Feedback will bear fruit”.

A number of Smart Almaty projects are implemented in pilot mode, for example, smart street lighting, PACS-system in health care, Safe yard project, automation of recording on mugs and sections for children, informing about free parking places and other.

Presenting the projects of the Almaty Region, A.D. Temirbaev, the IT Department Head started with projects that are not enough in the region. For example, automation of reception processes in the first class is required in the region. According to the speaker, more than 700 schools in the region, which are distant from each other. Also, in the region, it is necessary to fully equip schools and medical institutions with Internet, an electronic ticket system, automation on the roads, creation a situational center and other.

A report on the system of electronic payment for travel was made by D.K. Sabitov, Deputy Chairman of the Transport Committee of the MID of the RK. D.K. Sabitov said: “According to the road map, until the end of the year, public transport dispatching systems will be implemented in all regions. Also, we want to introduce electronic ticketing. We invited akimats to consider the solutions to these problems together with the IT community”.

During the event, the audience was also presented with the projects "AstraPlat" and "Onay"
At the end of the presentations, the participants of the Digitalization Day continued the discussion of projects in a closer format, divided into five areas. Thus, representatives of akimats could tell the IT market in more detail about the problems of the regions, so that the companies, in turn, could offer their options for their solution.

Presentations of the projects, the tasks of the regions, as well as the list of participants are presented under the link: